People and planet

We are a committed global community.

With a global footprint, our commitment extends beyond the shelves in our stores and restaurants directly to our planet and into the heart of communities.


Through targeted community engagement initiatives and an ambitious vision for growth, we are not just talking about positive change. We are actively making it happen for people and our planet.

Community engagement


Discover how every journey with Avolta is an opportunity to enrich lives, reconnect with the planet, and drive transformative action on today’s most pressing challenges.

Responsible Products

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Guided by our traveler-first approach, we carefully ensure responsible sourcing and sustainable choices at every touchpoint.

Ethical sourcing:
We take the time to dot the i’s and cross the t’s on our Avolta Supplier Code of Conduct, ensuring every product meets safety and ethical standards – because integrity should never be compromised.
Responsible marketing:
Our pre- and post-sale communications are both effective and responsible. From our marketing messages to our refund policies, we are committed to being a company you can trust.
Secure data:
Your data is your own, and we treat it that way. Stringent data protection measures ensure that customer and company information is safe with us.

Protecting the environment

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Our dedication to the environment is not limited to the floorspace of our stores. We focus on meaningful ways to positively impact the planet.

Aligning with the landlords’ ESG strategies:

We are active members of landlords’ committees, committed to minimizing our footprint every step of the way.

Monitoring our CO2 footprint:

From our supply chain to our stores, we track CO2 emissions. From supplier to traveler, we are making responsible choices for a greener tomorrow.

Collaborating with global and local service providers:

We partner with service providers who share our commitment to waste management, recycling, and the circular economy.

Operating a central Shop Design department:

We follow the principles established by leading green-building certification programs, such as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) recommendations. Through our sustainable shop design strategy, we meticulously select eco-friendly materials, ensuring suppliers meet Avolta’s strict sustainability guidelines.

Use of natural resources and waste management:

Besides reducing waste, we are optimizing for sustainability. From minimizing plastic use to maximizing natural resources, every detail matters.


Avolta has established a set of Environmental Management Guidelines that define our environmental principles for climate change, energy efficiency, resource consumption, and shop development. These guidelines are available for download below.

Environmental Management Guidelines

Employee experience

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Avolta's team members are more than just people. They are ambassadors connecting us to stakeholders worldwide. With operations in 75 countries, we celebrate diversity, equity and inclusion as our strength, employing a workforce of over 150 nationalities.

Continuously evolving the interaction of our team members:

We are redefining the team member lifecycle, from recruitment to retirement, ensuring each milestone and career move is a stepping stone for personal and professional growth.

Developing and rewarding our people:

It’s not just a job. It’s a journey. Through global training and D/E and I initiatives, we empower our people to shine in their roles and beyond.

Fostering a culture of equal opportunity:

At Avolta, we offer great jobs and even more scaled up employment conditions. Diversity is our strength, and equal opportunity is a given. No matter your background, you are valued, and your contributions count.

Preparing the next generation of Avolta leaders:

We are cultivating the next generation of Avolta leaders. With a blend of internal growth and external hires, we keep our talent pool fresh and aligned with market needs.

Health and safety regulations:

In regulations, compliance is fundamental. From local labor laws to international conventions, we are committed to maintaining a safe workspace for all, adhering to international and local regulations.

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Asian Street Cooking
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Our diverse and inclusive team embodies the Avolta spirit on everything they do on a daily basis. Our dedicated team members bring our vision to life making travelers happier by maximizing every moment of their journey. Each team member plays a vital role in our daily success.

Trusted partners

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At Avolta, trust is the foundation of our sustainable future. We’ve honed in on key priorities to cultivate enduring relationships with all our stakeholders.

Permanently evolve Avolta’s Corporate Governance:

Our Corporate Governance is fundamental to our company, meeting business needs and aligning stakeholder expectations, from our Code of Conduct to other crucial policies.

Assess and monitor Avolta’s business environment:

Continuous assessment of our business landscape ensures we’re always ahead of risks, enabling sustainable growth through rigorous audits and controls.

Align our Board of Directors:

Our Board of Directors reflects our global presence, masterfully harmonizing core business skills and diversity.

Supervise our ESG strategy:

Our top-tier governance body oversees our ESG objectives, guided by continuous dialogue with stakeholders.


Comply with rules and regulations:

From human rights to anti-corruption, we educate and monitor our team to uphold the highest ethical standards.



Avolta is committed to good Corporate Governance, openness, and transparency to benefit share- and bondholders, customers, business partners, and team members. You can find all the information about the company’s structure, how it is run and regulated by visiting our Corporate Governance page.

Corporate Governance

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