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Our Story

A new dawn for travel

With the business combination of Dufry & Autogrill integrating our offers across travel retail and food & beverage, we can now be with you on every step of your journey, from the brands you love to the food and drink you’ll savor. For us, Avolta encapsulates our expanded vision and commitment to innovating the traveler-centered experience with enhanced digital engagement. The travel experience revolution is just the beginning!

What we do

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At the heart of every journey is a traveler

For us, it’s as much about the things you hardly notice (all your favorite brands, all in one place) as it is the things you do (like that incredible meal you ordered seconds ago). Our ongoing mission is to bring a smile to the lips of every traveler.

These core principles drive everything we do as a brand, from the way we act to the way we communicate.

We are forward-thinking, innovative, disruptive and do not shy away from leading our industry into the unknown.
Around the world we work as One Team, united to achieve our common goals.
We are passionate about service and always keen to exceed expectations.
We are globally connected, locally focused. Our teams celebrate diversity, differences and welcome everyone.

Our strategy: Destination 2027

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By uniting travel retail and food & beverage under a single offering, Destination 2027 looks to deliver a seamless, personalized end-to-end experience for all of our travelers, both in-store and digitally. We strive to create an experience that will leave you wondering where the time went.

Destination 2027

1. Travel Experience Revolution

By bringing together travel retail and food & beverage in one offering, we’ll create more contact points with travelers to provide a seamless and personalized experience, both in the stores and digitally.

2. Diversifying geographical presence

We will increase our presence in the North America market, alongside a focused strategy for Asia-Pacific and Chinese travelers, maintaining business development for the Rest of the World in order to strengthen our business resilience globally.

3. Culture of continuous improvement

With continuous improvement across all our businesses, we are driving efficiencies and profitability, allowing us to generate sustainable cash flows while investing in innovation and growth.

4. ESG focus

Making people, our planet and communities an inherent part of our business model across all pillars ensures sustainable value creation for all our stakeholders and our planet.

Powered by our people.

Our people are the engine behind our success. Driving our business, responding to changing and emerging needs, focusing on the day-to-day execution while always keeping our travelers in their focus. Our inclusive working environment and the commitment of our people indicates our readiness for the onwards journey.

Leading our way

Meet the team leading the traveler journey in this bold and exciting new direction.

Our Leadership

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2.3 billion journeys start here

Step aboard and transform your career, joining a team of people who are redefining the travel retail and F&B experience.

Careers at Avolta

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