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Discover how every journey with Avolta is an opportunity to enrich lives, reconnect with the planet, and drive transformative action on today’s most pressing challenges.

Overview of Avolta’s Sustainability Journey


ESG governance enhanced with dedicated Board ESG Committee and appointment of Chief Public Affairs& ESG Officer

Double Materiality Matrix and evolved ESG Strategy House implemented fully reflecting new company scope

TCFD Report extended covering full company scope

Electricity sourcing from renewable energies increased to 40%

Avolta Supplier Code of Conduct recertification including F&B suppliers launched globally


Avolta receives SBTi validation for its Scope 1, 2&3 emission reduction targets (base 2019)

20% electric energy covered by renewable energy

First TCFD Report 2022, published in the first quarter 2023

Second DE&I survey executed, covering all Avolta operations worldwide


Avolta (base 2019) commits to establish SBTi emission reduction targets

Listed in the SXI Sustainability 25 index of the SIX Swiss Exchange

HR Policy published

Disclosure of Sustainable Management Guidelines

First dedicated DE & I survey, reaching over 70% of head-count


Disclosure of Avolta ́s ESG Strategy

Joined the UN Global Compact

Avolta starts reporting on GHG emissions


Avolta launches second recertification of Supplier Code of Conduct

ESG governance enhanced with Lead Independent Director supervising ESG strategy implementation


Updated Code of Ethics

Disclosure of Avolta Code of Conduct

Equal Salary Certification launched in Switzerland


Avolta publishes first GRI report

Avolta Supplier Code of Conduct published and first certification process launched


First materiality assessment

Definition and disclosure of materiality matrix

Ensuring sustainable ways of traveling. With our partners. For our customers.

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Guided by our traveler-first approach, we carefully ensure responsible sourcing and sustainable choices at every touchpoint.



Sustainable Sourcing & Traceability

Expand the adoption of responsible sourcing practices and increase the procurement of sustainable, certified and local products.

Supply Chain Management

Foster a responsible and ethical management of the supply chain, partnering with suppliers that are attentive to social and environmental impacts.

Product Quality & Safety

Provide high quality and safety standards for the products and ingredients used in all of the company’s channels.

Healthy & Sustainable Choices

Promote better travel experiences by offering a wide range of healthy and sustainable products, good for both consumers’ and planet’s health.

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Reducing our footprint, increasing our consciousness.

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Our dedication to the environment is not limited to the floorspace of our stores. We focus on meaningful ways to positively impact the planet.

Climate Change, Energy & Emissions:

Measure Scope 1, 2 and 3 GHG emissions and reduce our footprint in our operations and along the value chain.

Waste & Packaging:

Measure & reduce the generation of waste and promote circular practices.

Water & Biodiversity:

Reduce water withdrawal in our operations and promote the restoration of habitats along the value chain.


Avolta has established a set of Environmental Management Guidelines that define our environmental principles for climate change, energy efficiency, resource consumption, and shop development. These guidelines are available for download below.

Environmental Management Guidelines

Making our people part of the journey by fostering a diverse, inclusive and equitable workplace.

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Avolta's team members are more than just people. They are ambassadors connecting us to stakeholders worldwide. With operations in 73 countries, we celebrate diversity, equity and inclusion as our strength, employing a workforce of over 150 nationalities.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion:

Create an inclusive culture, by promoting diversity and equity at all levels of the organization.

Talent Recruitment, Engagement & Retention:

Attract and retain highly talented people by building a positive and engaging working environment.

Employee Training & Development:

Provide high quality training, learning & development opportunities to strengthen our people’s competences and professional growth.

Health and Well-being:

Promote physical health and safety in the workplace and foster well-being and work-life balance.

Human Rights:

Protect human rights across the company and along its supply chain.

Our diverse and inclusive team embodies the Avolta spirit on everything they do on a daily basis. Our dedicated team members bring our vision to life making travelers happier by maximizing every moment of their journey. Each team member plays a vital role in our daily success.

Creating durable bonds with the communities we serve by supporting social and economic development

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We are a committed global community.

With a global footprint, our commitment extends beyond the shelves in our stores and restaurants directly to our planet and into the heart of communities.

Through targeted community engagement initiatives and an ambitious vision for growth, we are not just talking about positive change. We are actively making it happen for people and our planet.

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