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Unlock our distinct capabilities and hybrid concepts to find out just what sets Avolta apart through key offers and value propositions with more than 1,250 brand partners and 250 of our own brands. Our diversity is thanks to our rich history of legacy companies, collectively spanning more than 150 years of operation. At Avolta, the traveler is our focus, and so our portfolio and expertise reflects the behaviours of people all around the world. Journey On. 

Pushing the boundaries of Travel Retail.

Embark on a journey beyond shopping - our tech-driven hubs tell carefully crafted stories that echo a strong sense of place. With top-tier service and a traveler-centric culture, our team guides travelers through an inspiring, seamless experience. Journey On.

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Redefining the art of Food & Beverage.

Fueled by data, trends, and innovation, we continuously adapt to meet your needs. Discover local gems, classics, and surprising treats in spaces that radiate authenticity. Each outlet is a gateway to diverse brands and flavors, designed for exploration.

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Staying ahead in Convenience.

Seeking speed and convenience? We are ahead of the game. Our future-ready stores range from curated spaces to grab-and-go hubs, all tailored for tomorrow’s needs in today’s world.

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Dive into our latest financials, leadership insights and reports. Find out more about how you can invest in Avolta, changemaker of global travel experience.

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