Team Member Lifecycle and Experience

Every Avolta team member is an ambassador of the company, and we want to make sure we can build a great place to work for them. We accompany our team members along their journey with Avolta and provide them with attractive opportunities starting when an team member applies to a position until the moment they leave the organization.

We have thus identified four key stages for the team Member lifecycle and experience : Recruitment, Training and career progression, as well as Compensation and Recognition.

Healthy working environment

Workplace safety is a priority and an essential commitment for the company in our stores, offices and warehouses. The company ensures that all activities are carried out safely by taking all possible measures to eliminate (or at least reduce) the risks to health, safety and welfare of team members, contractors, customers, visitors and any other person who can be impacted by our operations. The majority of our workforce operates in airports, seaports, cruise ships and similar environments. As a basic pre-requisite team members have to comply and follow the respective airport's, seaport's or vessel's safety rules as these environments are highly regulated. On top of this, Avolta has specific health & safety regulations for its team members, including internal policies and guidelines – both global and local –, which may go beyond the legal health and safety requirements.



In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Avolta developed a global coronavirus in-store Health & Safety Protocol, which provided guidelines and recommendations to protect the health and safety of team members and their families, as well as customers, business partners and other stakeholders. This protocol established the main guidelines and allowed flexibility to adapt them on a location-by-location basis to adhere to the landlord´s and local authorities´ requests. Similar protocols were developed and deployed across all Avolta offices and warehouses.


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