Customer Service FAQs

Questions relating to future/past purchases:
I was overcharged for my purchase.

Sometimes a product can be mistakenly scanned twice, or problems with card can occur. In this case, please contact the Customer Service at providing a copy of your card statement and sales receipt.

The product I bought became faulty after 60 days.

Dufry will honor the brand assistance. For defects covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, customers should contact the manufacturer directly.

My bottles of beverage got broken during my flight, what can I do?

We kindly ask you to contact the Customer Service here, providing a copy of your sales receipt and if possible, also a picture of the broken bottle.

The product I bought will expire soon, what can I do.

Dufry does not refund products that are sold before their expiry date.

How can I tell the difference between bloom (plume) and mold on my cigars?

Mold leaves a stain when it’s removed, but plume comes off without a mark. Plume (or Bloom) is good; essentially this is solidified oil, which usually is a sign that your cigars are aging well. Mold is a sign that your cigars are in too humid an environment.

I had my purchase confiscated during my connecting flight, what can I do?

We kindly ask you to contact the Customer Service here, providing a copy of your sales receipt informing us of the reason of confiscation.

How can I reserve products before I fly and pick them up at the airport?

You can use our Reserve & Collect service directly at, selecting the airport where you would like to shop.

How can I become a Red by Dufry Member?

Red by Dufry is the leading duty-free loyalty program. You can earn points in almost all of our stores when you travel, and use them to benefit from in-store discounts and great rewards. Please apply here.

I shopped at Dufry but I didn’t receive my Red by Dufry points. What can I do?

We kindly ask you to e-mail us here, providing a copy of the receipt and your Red by Dufry card number.

My purchase wasn’t delivered at the boarding gate, what can I do?

This is something that Dufry absolutely aims to avoid and if this has happened, we apologise. If you paid by card, the transaction is cancelled the same day. However, if you paid by cash, we kindly ask you to contact Customer Service here, providing a copy of your sales receipt informing the reason of confiscation.

How can I get a copy of my sales receipt?

We are able to retrieve receipt copies up to 60 days after the purchase. Please contact the Customer Service here, providing information relating to your purchase.

I didn’t shop in the country where I live, how can I make a return/exchange?

Dufry’s Customer Service team will gladly help you to find a solution. We kindly ask you to contact us here, providing a copy of your sales receipt explaining the reason of your contact. 

Questions relating to product allowances/restrictions:
I’d like to shop for beverages but I have a flight connection, what can I do?

We advise you to seek assistance from your airline company. It is the responsibility of the traveler to comply with the allowances relevant to the country they are travelling to. Nevertheless, you must inform the cashier about the connection so the product can be sealed properly.

Questions relating to exchanges/refunds:
How can I exchange/return a non-faulty product?

You are able to exchange/return the product within 60 calendar days directly at the same store, provided the product  is in  the  same condition  as  when  sold  (has  not  been  used, is in its original packaging including the original seal (where applicable), and is accompanied by all original accessories, including leaflets, instructions for use and guarantees). If you do not have plans to travel again, please contact the Customer Service here, providing a copy of sales receipt for further information.


For non-defective products, refunds and returns of products by mail (from overseas) is only possible if the country of purchase has no legal restrictions to receive it back.  In this case, the procedure must occur directly at the same store/country of purchase.

As an example, the following countries are not allowed to receive products from overseas: Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay, Indonesia, Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, Ghana, India.

The list above may be altered without further notice.

Which items are not exchangeable and why?

For hygiene and other reasons, the following items cannot be refunded or exchanged: underwear/lingerie, swimwear, earrings, in-ear headphones, books or catalogues, expired items that expire after the date of purchase, bespoke or specially-ordered  items, personalized items, or items altered/adjusted after the original sale.

Are shipping costs and/or any bank fees refundable?

Dufry is not responsible for shipping costs, or any bank fees charged by the customer's bank that may apply in connection with refunds or exchanges of non-defective products.

Why does Dufry only refund just via international wire transfer?

If you ask for a refund via Dufry’s Customer Service team (not directly in the store where you made the purchase), you will receive your refund via international wire transfer, because it is the safest option. There are regulations for international wire transfers that all wire transfer services follow. You can thus be sure that the best safety procedures are being carried out so that your money can safely reach its beneficiary.

I returned a product at the store but I haven’t received the refund yet.

If you received the refund transaction receipt, all you have to do is to wait for your card to process the refund. For details of how long this should take, please contact your bank as this varies according to where each customer has their account. For any other queries regarding your refund, please contact us here.

Questions regarding stores:
What are your opening hours?

Our store opening times are based on the airport’s  flight schedule, normally opening before the first flight ad closing after the last departure. Many stores are open 24/7.

I forgot my personal belongings inside the shop, what can I do?

Dufry’s policy is to hand over lost items to the Lost & Found office of the relevant airport. In order for us to help you locate your lost item, we kindly ask you to contact the Customer Service here, providing a copy of your sales receipt and giving any relevant details. If you didn’t purchase anything, please give us as much information as you can so that we to try to identify the store.

Questions regarding Dufry’s Customer Service team:
I emailed Dufry’s Customer Service team but I didn’t receive a response yet, what can I do?

Our Customer Service response time is three business days. As we take measures to help ensure the health and safety of our team members during the COVID-19 crisis, please be advised that our response time may take longer than usual.  Please, avoid sending multiple e-mails with different information.

What languages can Dufry’s Customer Service team speak?

Our Customer Service team is able to communicate in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

How can I contact Dufry’s Customer Service team?

You can contact Dufry’s Customer Service team here   

I have been e-mailed by different people, why?

To ensure that we answer you as quickly as possible, you may receive a response from different people. All of our staff are fully trained, and have your full contact history, so no matter who contacts you, you will receive the most efficient, seamless response.

Other questions:
How can I apply for a job at Dufry?

Find your new challenge at Dufry – visit our careers website!

Are you looking for a career in an international environment, where you can grow both professionally and personally? Then you should check out your career opportunities at Dufry and visit our careers website here.

How can I work in partnership with Dufry?

Send your proposal/portfolio directly to us here, informing us of the country you are interested in. In case of interest you will be contacted directly.

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