Protecting Environment

Dufry operates shops in highly regulated, third party-owned premises, such as airports, train stations,cruise ships, seaports and downtown resorts, and does not operate production sites. Hence, within our sphere of influence, Dufry focuses on the following opportunities to positively influence the environmental impact of its business:


  • Closely aligning with the landlords' ESG strategies and reducing as much as possible its own impact. To this purpose, Dufry is member of several landlords' ESG committees and of the ACI Europe Climate Task Force.
  • Monitoring the CO2 footprint of stores, main offices, warehouses and transportation of goods. Here Dufry is tracking emissions starting from product delivery to the distribution centers or local operations until these are handed over to customers. Shipment of goods from the supplier's site to Dufry's premises lies within the ESG scope of suppliers.
  • Collaborating with global and regional service providers for logistics, selected, among other criteria, based on their waste management, recycling and circular economy capabilities.
  • Operating a central Shop Design department, which defines sustainable shop design strategies including the selection of materials with respective guidelines and regulations. Dufry collaborates with a limited number of regional material shop equipment and furniture suppliers, who have to comply with the relevant specifications.
  • Responsible use of natural resources and optimizing waste management, including among others the reduction of plastic use.
  • Engaging with brand partners for good ESG stewardship.
  • Dufry has established a set of Environmental Management Guidelines that define the environmental principles Dufry follows when it comes to Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, Resource Consumption and Shop Development. These guidelines are available here.


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