ESG Governance Structure

Avolta is the new company name representing the business combination of Dufry and Autogrill. While Avolta’s combined ESG strategy is being defined, we refer to ESG based on the Dufry ESG Report 2022. Avolta’s first combined ESG Report 2023, will be published in March 2024.

The implementation of Dufry’s ESG strategy is supervised by the Lead Independent Director and driven by the interdisciplinary ESG Committee, which includes all the key operational functions.

1 Board of Directors

At the level of the Board of Directors the implementation of the ESG strategy is supervised by the Nomination & ESG Committee, chaired by the Lead Independent Director. The Board of Directors is informed on the ESG strategy implementation progress quarterly.

2 ESG Committee

The interdisciplinary ESG Committee defines and drives the implementation of the ESG strategy. In 2022 it met every two months and consisted of: Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Corporate Officer, Chief Commercial Officer, CEO Operations, Chief People Officer, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, Group General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer, Global Internal Audit Director, Global Head Investor Relations, Global Head of Corporate Communications & Public Affairs.

3 Corporate Communications & Public Affairs

Day-to-day implementation of Dufry’s ESG strategy is executed by the ESG Department as part of the Corporate Communications & Public Affairs department.

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