Dufry, leading global travel retailer, has launched a sustainable product identification initiative to help customers shop considerately. The initiative has been implemented across 171 shops across 128 airports including overall more than 550 products of all main duty-free categories and with local assortments being adapted to the specific needs of each location. The initiative is currently being setup also for the use in Dufry’s online Reserve & Collect channel.

In the last quarter of 2021, Dufry has launched a comprehensive sustainable product identification initiative, which helps customers to shop considerately by allowing them to identify sustainable products easily. The initiative currently covers a selection of over 550 key products highlighted with dedicated labels representing at least one of seven sustainability criteria – plastic free, vegan, recyclable, reusable, refillable, palm oil free, supporting local communities. The specific assortment of each operation is defined by the local teams to best meet individual customer requirements. The initiative builds on the close collaboration with currently 13 brand partners, with whom products fulfilling the selection criteria have been identified.

First assessments on sales volumes compared to sales of the same products before the dedicated labelling show a high acceptance level. Dufry will continue to monitor customer response to this new service and accordingly further extend the range of suppliers and products included. In periodically conducted customer surveys, Dufry had previously received feedback that 68% of travelers are interested in buying sustainable products, with packaging, durability and manufacturer´s commitment towards sustainability being the most important aspects.

Andrea Belardini, Chief Commercial Officer, explained: “With our new sustainable product identification initiative we are fulfilling a growing demand by customers to shop considerately and providing attractive ideas across our main duty-free categories. We are very focused on this new service for our customers and closely monitor acceptance levels as we intend to further expand, evolve and fine-tune the range of this specific assortments. I would also like to thank our brand partners who have supported us in developing this offer, and at the same time encourage new suppliers to contribute with their own selection of sustainable products.”

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