ESG Report 2022

Dufry’s ESG Strategy is an inherent part of the company strategy Destination 2027 and contributes to the delivery of its financial and non-financial goals. It is also fully aligned with the role Dufry plays in the travel retail ecosystem, and is regularly revised to ensure it remains relevant and meets the evolving needs of our industry. Our ESG engagement is focused on four key areas, where we want to have a positive impact within the scope of our stakeholder eco-system and beyond: customer experience; employee wellbeing and advancement; protecting the environment through the responsible use of our planet’s resources and being a trusted partner for all our stakeholders.

Dufry's ESG Strategy is supervised by the Board of Directors, specifically by the Nomination and ESG Committee, chaired by the Lead Independent Director. All key business areas of the Group – structured under a dedicated ESG committee – take an active role in implementing our strategy based on clearly defined objectives. A detailed description of our ESG Strategy is available here.

During 2022, Dufry has continued evolving its ESG commitment, taking a leading position in ESG in our industry. Dufry's ESG developments and ethics are widely recognized across the main players of our business environment. Our strong commitments – such as the establishment of emission reductions targets in line with the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), the preparation of a TCFD Report, or our commitment towards protecting Human Rights as signatory member of the UN Global Compact – are strong testimonials of the importance Dufry places to ESG. We are not alone in our journey towards building a more sustainable industry, and in this regard, we share common objectives with our main stakeholders, especially airport concession and brand partners, as reflected in our ESG report 2022.

Scope of our reporting

Dufry is a global travel retailer operating over 2,200 duty-free and duty-paid shops in airports, cruise lines, seaports, railway stations and downtown tourist areas. In 2022, we employed 23,779 employees (FTEs) across 62 countries, and we represent over 1,000 different, most renowned global and local brands in our stores. Dufry is part of the Swiss Market Index MID (SMIM) and has a balanced mix of large and small globally diversified shareholders, with a free float of 67 %.

This sustainability report has been prepared in accordance with the GRI Universal Standards 2021 and covers our environmental, social and governance (ESG) activities, performance and approach for the year 2022 focusing on the topics we have determined to be of greatest importance for Dufry and its stakeholders.

For an easier comparison, we continue to embed in our ESG Report the UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) and include information on the respective GRI indicators and SDG goals, which Dufry covers in the corresponding sections of this report, thus enabling the reader to obtain a better and more transparent understanding of our strategy and ESG successes.

In early 2020, Dufry became a signatory member of the UN Global Compact and started to prepare a UN Global Compact Progress Report, which together with the GRI Index and the Sustainability Report Annex as well as the new TCFD Report is embedded in and complements the information in our annual report (also including the Corporate Governance Report and the Remuneration Report. 

As indicated in the Trusted Partner section, Dufry has published its first TCFD Report 2022 in early 2023. With this report, Dufry has taken another step forward in transparency and disclosure in a clear, comparable and consistent manner, by showing detailed information about the risks and opportunities in our business that are triggered by climate change.

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